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How & Why You Should Use TimeBucks Daily

I’m not going to lie – I’m still not entirely convinced on Timebucks; but I CAN see the potential; and I know it works for many others! In fact I have friends who consider it their TOP earning free site; with some even earning over $1500. So why not see if it’s worth your while too? 🙂

Click Here To Join Timebucks if Not Joined Already

My passion is finding ways to earn online and I would really love to help EVERYONE to do the same – starting with earning a nice daily amount from this site. Together we can work out a specific routine that will work for YOU – leave a comment below if you want to start working with me on this plan & I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Why You Should Join Timebucks

It’s a pretty simple answer, and it’s in the name – MONEY!

As I have only recently begun using the site myself, I want to share my friend’s earnings as of 2 August 2022 (nice, right?):

Since it’s free to join and has this kind of potential, I figure that everyone who works online should join Timebucks! I mean, what have you got to lose?

Here are just a few other cool features of the site:

  • It provides a variety of earning options which means there’s something for everyone.
  • You can earn a little or a lot depending on how you use the site.
  • There’s the chance to win $250 just for logging in! Cool, right? It’s a sweepstake/lottery and you get more entries the more active you are.
  • It provides a lot of withdrawal options – there is something that works in every country.
  • It is a great ‘feeder account’ which can be used to fund many other things. (More info to come on what I mean by this)
  • You can earn 100% passive income by promoting it to others. In other words even if you do nothing you can still make money daily.
  • It’s a great first step site that will teach many skills required for higher level programs.

How To Use TimeBucks

As I said there are many different earning options available on Timebucks. These range from very simple and low paying tasks, to more time consuming and higher paid options.

How you decide to use it will make a big difference to how much you earn.

I suggest you start off with doing some of the most basic earning tasks and following my lead, together we will build this account up from there.

Like my friend is mentoring me, I will mentor you! Providing detailed guides on how to use each earning option.

Some guides you will find below, but others will be written on another post – so stay tuned. The last thing I want is for this post to be a mile long!


This is a VERY quick and easy 1 question poll. Everyone can complete it and I suggest you do it every, single day. After all you could win $500….. so get into the habit of doing this simple task to gain an entry into that cash giveaway each day. You will also earn a small amount for doing the poll.

To complete it log in and click on the Earn tab. You will automatically be taken to the surveys page. Either look down the list for daily poll, or click on the rate column header to sort the list by payment rate. Click that twice and daily poll should show at the top of the list.


Honestly, I would wait until after you have done some other tasks before attempting any surveys. Why? Because surveys on Timebucks can be very time consuming and frustrating. I will add a specific guide for completing surveys ASAP.


Ad clicks are my personal favourite option when using Timebucks. They are quick and easy, and I can complete them while doing other things.

Find the Ad Clicks Option by clicking on Earn and then Content.

There are usually a lot of ad clicks available daily, and new ones are added constantly. Here is an example:

As you can see this ad click pays $0.005 for viewing the page for 5 seconds. The rate will vary along with the duration.

To complete the ad click simply click the green view button. Make sure you keep the new page open until the timer finishes or you will not get paid. You should see the timer counting down on the main tab. You will also see your balance increasing when you do it correctly.

Get started today with the simple tasks above and check back on this blog for more info coming soon 🙂

2 replies on “How & Why You Should Use TimeBucks Daily”

Victoria- Hello. My name is Sam. First let me say that I do plan on joining you in TimeBucks, if you’ll have me, but first I need to tell you why. It’s because you said this; “I’m not going to lie”. That’s most important. Look around you in the world today. Lying is about to cripple this country. When I first began to try to make money online I truly wanted to help others with the programs that I offered, suggested, promoted. Logically, in my mind, I should experience the program first hand; for myself. That proved to be easier said than done. It took quite some time to find a program that actually works and made me some money(especially one that was free or low cost to start. ). Then, when I started promoting it, it folded and I felt like a fool for telling others to get involved. Now, no more money coming in and I’ve got egg on my face. Anyway, at least you started out with “I’m not going to lie.” lol. So let’s do it.

Hi Sam, thanks for your comment! I wasn’t able to reply until now, as there appeared to be an issue with the server. I’m glad you appreciated my honesty. I am a big believer in (as cliche) as it sounds the saying “honesty is the best policy”. I can relate, to getting involved in programs/systems and promoting them, only to find they just don’t work or do as the big gurus say. I’d love to link arms with you and help you to succeed online.

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